BSc in interior design

BSc : BSc Program in Interior Designing

Affiliation : KSOU (Mysore)

Duration : 36 Months

Eligibility : 12+

Full Time :
Batch: 10.00Am to 4.00Pm (Mon-Fri)-Capacity 25 Nos

Semester 1

Basic of Drawing and Graphics practical
Elements of design
Computer fundamentals
Art & Architecture history
Communication & Soft Skills

Semester 2

Construction Techniques, practical
Interior Materials-1
Basics of Art & Graphics
Interior Furnishing

Semester 3

Interior Materials-II
Construction Techniques, Practical
Interior Furnishing-II
Role of interior Designer-II

Semester 4

Elements of Services
Role of interior designer-II
Building Protection
Painting Interiors
Interior Design Studio -1, Practical

Semester 5

Elements of Services
Indian Institute of Design
Landscape Design
Protect-II-Interior Design Studio

Semester 6

Interior Design Method
Design Decision Process
CAD, Lumion 3D, Photoshop
Estimation and Costing
Protect-II interior design studio, practical